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Think there’s nothing you can do if your memory is failing? Think again

It happens to all of us: You stop at the store and forget the one thing you went for. You blank on your co-worker’s husband’s name – Is it John? Jim? And where are those darn keys?!? It’s normal to be forgetful once in awhile, especially if you’ve got a lot on your plate.


stages of photographer

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How to Look For Opportunities ?

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Opportunity” is defined as a favorable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances.  As expected, the definition is subjective.  What is “favorable”?  What is “advantageous”?  Optimists see most situations as favorable or advantageous where pessimists rarely see themselves in favorable or advantageous situations.  So who do you think will have more opportunity, the optimist or the pessimist? How should you approach companies during a time of change? Why would companies even talk to you? These are question that job seekers ask themselves during trying times.

The first step in such a time of change is to accept the changes. Next, give yourself a time frame to talk to people in your industry whom you respect to get a sense of where your industry is heading and relative prospect of working in different companies. Actually, networking is very important now because networking now involves more caution in management of conversation that focus on the person you are converting. Ask: How are you doing? How is your company handling the current environment? Which company do you think is best positioned to deal with the current situation? Talk with two or three more people more senior than you about their view on the industry and where and how your skill could be best utilized. Conversation with recognized mentors can help to ascertain where you fit best in the changing market.

In addition, transferable skill is also very important for the world now. Skills such as IT, human resources and accounting can be more readily accepted by industries. Individual’s with those industries is with specific knowledge bases are best suited to more to a different types of organizations. People sometimes also use such time to enhance their skills by furthering their training or education.

Some smaller organizations or companies are often looking to meet people who have left large companies. You will need to examine these organizations to get a sense of their business model, leadership theme and financial status to see if one of them could be the right company for you.

In conclucion  To act on opportunity, you must be flexible, think creatively, be open-minded, motivated, and willing to take risks.  You must choose which opportunities you will put your effort action on while ignoring on less promising opportunities.  As an active opportunity seeker, this will be your most difficult task since letting go of a good opportunity is not easy.  You need to balance out your opportunities and be decisive on which ones you will pursue, which ones you will delegate, and which ones you will iguare.

Idea Generators

However, if you are coming up empty with ideas or opportunities, where can you find these opportunities?

  1. Go Shopping (but keep your ears and eyes open) – Everyone is out purchasing products and this is a prime area of where to overhear someone asking where these items or products are located. If they are hard to find, they may head home and resort to the Internet for locating these type of niche products.
  2. Social Networking Event – Gather your business cards and head out to a networking event. People love to put a face with the name and love to talk about their ideas with everyone. I had one person introduce themselves to me and I returned the introduction with what I do. They immediately said, “Hey, I’ve been looking for someone to do this <project>. Could you help me out or do you know of someone who could do this?” They’ve been a client of mine ever since.
  3. Revisit what you’ve built – If you’ve built something for someone and there is a huge demand for this type of product or service, tweak it a little bit and reuse it. You may find out that you may be sitting on a goldmine when you release your revamped product or service.
  4. Build a better mousetrap – If you have an idea, don’t get upset because someone built one already. Two things to think about: 1). If no one improved on the wheel, we’d all have concrete wheels instead of rubber tires; and 2). Google didn’t build a new search engine, they just improved it and made it better.

What is advertising?

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By the way the advertising have more type for example is sales promotion, publicity, public relations, personal selling. The sales promotion is are theme that creates mush confusion in the advertising and marketing fields. In the board sense, promotion may include such function as advertising, personal selling and free publicity in the editorial columns of newspaper for example exhibitions, display, demonstration contest, premium offer.  In other way the publicity is not paid for at established rates and the sponsor is not identified. Usually, publicity appears, unidentified as such, in the editorial or new columns of print media or in the noncommercial portion of radio or television programs. In Public relation is too used to build goodwill and rapport with various publics, employs stockholder, dealers, government officials, and citizen and in the personal selling is the original form of promotion. It may be face to face or machine assisted. Unlike advertising, personal selling is a direct form of promotion that can tailor to fit the demand of the selling situation. Costumer reaction can be judged immediately, costumer can be led to take action, and sales personal can provide immediate feedback on customers.

In other ways the advertising also has classifying for audience, type of advertising and media. In audiences have two basic advertising audiences are consumer and business. Consumer advertising is directed at audience who purchase the product for its own sake and foe end-used consumption. They do not resell or reuse the product in some manufacturing or production process. Business to business advertising, on the other hand, is directed to process user, reseller, and professional. When direct to process user (manufacturing) it is called industrial advertising. When direct to resellers (wholesalers or distributors) it is trade advertising. When direct to service group and individual (such as physicians, dentists, and architect) it is called professional advertising. Advertising audiences may also be seen as mass or class. The chances are that Ivory Soap advertising, for example, will address a large, heterogeneous audients a mass audience. In other advertising classifying is type of advertising. Most consumer advertising is done by two major types of advertising is national and local (retail). When General Electric Company urges us via magazines, television, and radio to buy a refrigerator, this is national advertising and also called general advertising but if an appliance dealer urges us to buy the refrigerator at his or her store, this is local advertising also called retail advertising. The advertiser tries to persuade people to buy the firm brand wherever they may find it. The local advertiser is eager persuade them to purchase locally. The national advertiser emphasizes the product; the retail advertiser emphasizes the store. In other classifying advertising is media. The advertising can be classified on the basis of the medium used to deliver the message. Established mass media include daily newspaper, network TV, consumer magazine and direct mail. Among the newer media are cable television and highly specialized magazine. And the last of the classifying advertising is function. Many people look at advertising in term of what it is expected to do. There have three main functional classification are product or intuitional (nonproductive, primary or selective, and direct action or indirect action. Product or Institutional (nonproduction) Advertising, Primary or Selection Advertising, Direct – or Indirect-Action Advertising.

Nowadays why photography is very important in this world? Because Now, photographer a very important element in the world today to show a justice. Why? Because before this people was not know their history and origins. In addition, photography is very important to people to telling a story and more importantly is to keeping the memory. With the camera you can protect your past memory to preserve the other future generation. Photography is important as a way to have a visual sense of every aspect of our lives from history to memory.

But today’s world, there are many photographers. Some of them maybe got the skill form intend some of school such as university, collages or any learning medium and some of the photographer may got their skill naturally from their self. I can say that each of these photographers had their own talent from the way they think and deliver the idea to capture the image.

In my opinion, educated means these people are not real photographer. Photographer is those who have artistic value and have their own idea, thoughts and feeling. They not just follow the direction strictly from the rule of third. In another words, picture taken by educated are look very technical but lack of brilliance and artistry value. This also applied to those who blindly follow rules from the internet. The graduated photography are very important to me because they know better about photography. By the way the educated photographer is still learning about art of photography. Learning session is very important because there are many fractions studied in the photography field. For example learning about the history of photography, what type of photography, legal photography, exposure, basic and other. This shows they know more from A to Z of photography. Additionally, the graduated photographer had been taught how to communicate and how to interact with other people. I mean how to attract attention, because fields of photographs are worldwide. Knowing how to communicate with a photographer will be able to respect and ensure their costumer other regardless of race or their own language.

Anyway, do you expect a “real” photographer to hold “Degree in Photography” or “Master in Photography”? Most famous photographers out there learn themselves and attend courses, research, read, experiment; they don’t need to be “educated”. Photographer also doesn’t need a LICENSE or identity, you think you’re doing the job, you have the skill, you do it professionally, and you are a photographer. In other ways, non-educated means they have their own artistry value and take the picture without any thoughts. But whatever come out is nice because when they took the photo, they go into lovely doves feeling about the scene.
Anyone can drive… but can anyone drive without learning at all from the start? One has to have some sort of training first… don’t you think so? And thoughtful and non-thoughtful? I agree that there are people with talents and natural perspective that others do not see for example would be the boy whose picture are placed in exhibition. Some people are able to grasp the meaning behind photography without prior learning but as his progress, his still need to learn the technical things involved. However the non-photographer have their own knowledge and skill, there have only know about technically, skill, but there not understanding about true photography. That means, they don’t know about the history of photography, what type of photography, legal photography, and basic.

From this debate, I will know the comparison the educated photographer and non-educated photographer and my conclusions is gadget type. Those take fantastic photo and drool by a lot of internet fans because they take pretty model photo with extreme bokehness or dept of field without busy blurred background portrait lens. This type is worst among educated and non-educated. In other ways, the photographer must be strong and try to get more experience and skill for the future photography. The most important things I did in the beginning were practice, practice, practice…, learn, learn, learn…, study books and works of photographers whose pictures . Like a McCurry’s said “being a good photographer doesn’t necessarily mean you travel to distant place, but you do need to get out of your comfort zone and explore, wander and observe”.( Digital Camera, issue 55, July 2010 pg 101)

Feeling Angry

Believe it or not, anger can invite dishonesty. You may not know, anger is often hidden within couples. He could not speak for do not want to dispute or when it does not want to offend you.You also often ignore the feeling of taking it easy with do not want to apologize. Maybe you are also often caused anger with matters. Therefore, how to liberate themselves is considered the most fun is to make dishonesty. It, anger, depression and thoughts for the soul does not think rationally.

New habbit..

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Drinking mineral water seems to be the newest trend in the beverage industry. But is mineral water healthy? Or is water that’s been distilled or filtered through a reverse osmosis system better for your health? Although this whole topic is debatable, more evidence points to maintaining a more healthier body by drinking mineral water over these other types. Distillation and reverse osmosis systems use boiling point and molecular size, respectively, to filter water. And since synthetic chemicals both have lower boiling points and are smaller in molecular size than water itself, they are not effectively filtered out. On top of this, they filter out all the trace minerals that are naturally found in water.Why is mineral water healthy and preferred over demineralized water? Drinking mineral water just makes more sense. Think about it- nowhere on this planet is there a natural source of water than doesn’t contain trace minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. The human race has been drinking mineral water and running on it since the beginning of time. Why stop now?Mineral water is an important part of nutrition and is needed for all cellular functions. In fact, by drinking mineral water, your body can absorb beneficial minerals faster and more easily than it can from food. Why is drinking mineral water healthy? Here’s some things you probably didn’t know:

  • Drinking mineral water over the long-run can prevent multiple mineral deficiencies that would usually develop by drinking demineralized water.
  • It helps maintain a healthy and safe pH balance of your bodily fluids. Demineralized water is more acidic because it contains more hydrogen. When you drink this kind of substance, your body needs to neutralize it, and it does this by pulling minerals from your teeth and bones.
  • People who drink demineralized water are more likely to have cancer in some point of their life. Free radical production increases in a acidic environment, which increases the risk of cancer. It’s actually been shown that cancer cells can ONLY grow in an acidic environment.